Computational Literary Studies: training ExploreCor: Using Programmable Corpora in CLS

ExploreCor: Using Programmable Corpora in Computational Literary Studies” is a three-day academic training school, organized by the CLS Infra project, taking place in Vienna in from June 10-12, 2024. This intensive program covers some of the most important steps in the research cycle of Computational Literary Studies, focusing on “Programmable Corpora” – dynamic collections of literary texts manipulated programmatically. Participants will delve into finding, evaluating, and selecting corpora using tools like the CLSCor metadata catalogue and DraCor. The curriculum spans from learning how to use Python and Jupyter Notebooks for analysis, querying and retrieving data via APIs to working with Linked Open Data and how to conduct Digital Literary Network Analysis. Addressing the Reproducibility Crisis, the training school introduces Docker for research encapsulation. Attendees gain practical skills to conduct transparent and replicable research, contributing to the advancement of Computational Literary Studies.

THe workshop will take place at ACDH-CH OEAW, Vienna, Austria on 10-14 June 2024.