DH Research Lab

Dr Julie M Birkholz


Dr. Julie M. Birkholz is a Digital Humanities Postdoctoral Researcher on the ERC Agents of Change Research project http://www.wechanged.ugent.be/. Her research expertise is in network analysis and digital data. Her current research is implementing a network perspective to approach periodical studies research. She...Read full biography

Dr Federica Bressan


Dr. Federica Bressan (http://research.federicabressan.com) is a post-doctoral researcher at Ghent University. She holds an MD in Musicology and a PhD in Computer Science. She was awarded a Marie Curie research grant (2017-2019) to work on interactive installation art. Previously, she held a research position...Read full biography

Dr Joke Daems

Dr. Joke Daems is a postdoctoral research assistant Digital Humanities. She conducts research as a member of the Language and Translation Technology Team (LT³) and offers support to the Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities (GhentCDH) on a faculty level, with a focus on...Read full biography

Dr Annemieke Romein


Dr. Annemieke Romein is a Postdoctoral Researcher on a NWO Rubicon-grant on the project ‘Law and Order? Low Countries.’ She has been seconded by the Erasmus University to work at the UGhent (Sept. 2017-Feb.2020). Her research expertise is political-institutional and legal history of the early modern p, especially within...Read full biography

Dr Jasper Schelstraete


Dr. Jasper Schelstraete is an FWO postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Literary Studies, Ghent University (2016-2019). His work focuses on the role of print culture in imagining and conceptualizing global markets and finance. As a...Read full biography

Dr Jetze Touber

Dr. Jetze Touber is a Postdoctoral Researcher on the BOF Boundary Stones in the Body Research project. His research expertise is intellectual history, especially the interface of religion, science and scholarship in the early modern period. He is currently exploring ways of combining digital tools (OCR, HTR, topic modelling) with classical methods of historical research (source...Read full biography