Textual analysis

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OCCAM Webinar

KBR Digital Research Lab

Job Opportunity: Permanent Lecturer / Post Doctoral Researcher for the KBR Digital Research Lab

Humanist Computer Interaction under Scrutiny

Medieval Literary Canon in the Digital Age

International Conference: The Medieval Literary Canon in the Digital Age, Ghent, 17-18 September

Women Editors in Europe

International Conference: Women Editors in Europe, Ghent, 28-29 May 2019

Digital Humanities

#DHDS Symposium keynote: Dr. Berenike Herrmann (Basel)

Digital Humanities

Registration Open: Digital approaches towards serial publications

Workshop: Digital text analysis (Mike Kestemont, University of Antwerp)

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Job: Full-time post-doctoral researcher Digital Textual Analysis, Ghent University

demystifying digitisation

Demystifying Digitisation: a hands-on Master Class in text digitisation: Antwerp, 29-30 September 16