Humanist Computer Interaction under Scrutiny

Workshop aimed at analysing and validating the innovation potential of digital methods and tools in the Humanities

Library Lab, Faculty of Arts and Philosophy , June 4th-5th

The project Humanist Interaction under Scrutiny aims at analysing and validating the innovation potential of digital methods and tools in the Humanities.

The aim of the workshop is to (1) introduce its participants to a modular setting of digital methods and tools, (2) to let them put these applications to the test when addressing authentic research questions, and (3) to discuss and evaluate their user experience in combination with the wider potential of digital methods in the Humanities. All presentations, exercises and discussions will relate to the digital edition and the analysis of the Variae, a collection of letters compiled by the late antique author and politician Cassiodorus (6th century CE).

The workshop’s participants will be provided with insights into the following areas of the Digital Humanities:

  • Annotation
  • Collaboration
  • Contextualisation and analysis of big data
    • Network analysis and geo-referencing
    • Corpus-based linguistic analysis
  • Interpretation
  • Digital publishing

Each set of digital methods will be worked upon in specific modules, comprising presentations, hands-on sessions and discussions. The participants will thus be invited to take up the roles of learners, test persons and (most importantly) experts in their particular discipline. For the sake of collecting user-related data, the workshop will include audio and video recordings as well as questionnaires and eye tracking.

The workshop is aimed at researchers at all stages of their careers as well as at PhD candidates and master’s students in the fields of History, Cultural and Literary Studies, Linguistics, Digital Humanities, and related areas of research. In order to adjust the workshop’s design to the participants’ previous experience, there will be a brief questionnaire in the weeks prior to the workshop.

By giving original insights into the work and challenges faced by a developing collaborative research project, the workshop offers the unique opportunity of getting to know a promising approach to the study of innovations in the Digital Humanities.


Interest in historical sources and digital methods (editing and data analysis)
Previous knowledge in XML or DH-methods NOT required


Please register via e-mail: (Subject: "Humanist Workshop Gent”)
Deadline: May 20th, 2019


Project Humanist Computer Interaction under Scrutiny
Funding line: Validation of the technological and societal innovation potential of scientific research – VIP+ German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Project Participants:

  • Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz (Prof Dr Marietta Horster)
  • TU Darmstadt (Prof Dr Andrea Rapp)
  • Hochschule Mainz (Prof Dr Sven Pagel)
  • Ghent Institute for Classical Studies (Koen Verboven)
  • Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities (Christophe Verbruggen)