Workshop: Network Analysis in Digital Humanities

On Friday 16 June  2017 (from 10:30 - 16:30), as part of the Doctoral School "Loading: Methods and approaches in Digital Humanities", a toolbox session on Network Analysis in Digital Humanities  will take place. In this course we will discuss both theoretical, practical and technical aspects to using a network approach in DH research. You will learn what network analysis is and how you can possibly integrate into your research. In addition there will be a tutorial on the tool- UCINET, where you will learn some basics of visualizing and analysis of networks.

The session will be taught by Dr. Julie M. Birkholz

If you would like to join this session, please send an email to: and

Please download in advance UCINET- The trail version is the full version free for 60 days.


Proposed schedule:

Start time 10am - Lecture 1. Network analysis

Short break 11.15

11.30 – Lecture 2. The pipeline – data, projection, networks

12.30 Lunch

13.45 – Lab 1. Case study

15.00  Short Break

15.15 - Lab 2. Analyzing network data

16.00 - Lecture 3. Networks in DH


Suggested readings:

Borgatti, S.P., A. Mehra, D. Brass, and G. Labianca. “Network Analysis in the Social Sciences.” Science 323, no. 5916 (2009): 892–895.

Leydesdorff, L., & Welbers, K. (2011). The semantic mapping of words and co-words in contexts. Journal of Informetrics, 5(3), 469-475.