CLS TNA presentation Julia Neugarten Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis for Fanfiction

Julia Neugarten, General Cultural Sciences at Radboud University Nijmegen within the Anchoring Innovation project, is currently a fellow at GhentCDH on the H2020 Infrastructure project - Computational Literary Studies. Julia will give a presentation on her project Catching Feelings: Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis for Fanfiction about Greek Myth, on 17 June at 16h on Teams & in person at Ghent. Julia and a team of researchers at GhentCDH & Lt3 are mapping the ways fanfiction-readers evaluate the stories they read in the Greek mythology fandom on popular fanfiction-website Archive of Our Own. Using aspect-based sentiment analysis (ABSA), Julia and her colleagues examine how several aspects of fanfiction about Greek myth are evaluated by commenters. In this presentation, Julia will report on the processes of data collection and annotation for the project, introduce the different aspects, describe the pipeline for aspect-based sentiment analysis and present some preliminary results.

To attend Julia’s talk, please register here: You will receive a mail the day of the presentation with the link to the talk. We encourage members of both academic and fannish communities to attend the presentation.