DH Virtual Discussion Group for Early Career Researchers in Belgium March 2022

Are you an early career researcher in the field of Digital Humanities or a student interested in DH approaches who would like to discuss DH with other early career researchers in the Belgian DH community? If so, you might be interested in joining the DH Virtual Discussion Group for ECRs! This series is jointly organized by the KU Leuven Libraries Artes DH Commons and the Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities.  

Our first two sessions this spring will continue the under-the-hood” format. In these sessions, a volunteer from our community provides a thirty-minute overview of a digital project which implements a given tool, approach, or platform. This is not meant to be a research presentation, or to present findings or results, but rather to give our community a behind-the-scenes look at how decisions were made and why specific tools were chosen or developed. The hope is also that this presenter will give attendees some ideas about how to get started implementing a specific tool or workflow, and that they can also answer questions about other, related ongoing projects that are implementing similar functionalities. This “under-the-hood” session format will allow us to have focused discussions around a specific project where we can learn from each other in an informal way. In addition, by implementing this format we can maintain the low threshold for contributing and engaging in the conversations. It also allows us to learn about the diverse projects in the Benelux region related to digital humanities! (An added bonus!)  

Our final session of the spring edition will be a special DH Benelux session. This is our second year running this special session, where members of our community who will also be presenting in some form at the 2022 DH Benelux conference (conference paper, poster, workshop) are invited to give an elevator pitch of their DH Benelux contribution. These elevator pitches serve a dual purpose: they let the presenter practice presenting their material in advance of the conference, but they also let our DH community get a taste of what to expect at the DH Benelux conference.    

If you would like to register or invite other colleagues to join, please fill out the registration form for the mailing list here. Please note, if you have already received email correspondence about the Spring 2022 series, it means you are already on our mailing list. In that case, there is no need to register again—you will receive the emails with the Zoom link and any additional materials on the day of the session. Additionally, you will also receive updates on upcoming sessions including further details about speakers and the “under-the-hood” presentation topics. 

The first session is of 2022 is on Monday 21 March from 15h – 16h30 CET  

Speaker: Gianluca Valenti from the University of Liège
Title of presentation: “Modern Letters and Text Analysis: The ‘EpistolarITA’ Project
Abstract: The growth of interest in epistolary texts over the last few decades has led to a flourishing of international research projects devoted to cataloguing, editing, and studying modern letters, in a collective and coordinated effort to better understand these materials. In this context, at the University of Liège, a database has been launched, through which users are able to perform statistical analyses on a large epistolary corpus of letters. The algorithm uses techniques such as TF-IDF, Word2Vec, and Named-Entity Recognition to help users to discover new connections, explore new avenues of research, and find new interpretations in the network of the Republic of letters.