Ghent welcomes DARIAH-EU colleagues to Belgium, 10-12 October 2016

DARIAH-EU Logo It is our pleasure to announce that Ghent University, on behalf of DARIAH-BE, will host this year's DARIAH-EU Annual Meeting at the Ghent University Convention Centre, ‘Het Pand’

Building on the previous General Virtual Competency Centre meetings, this year’s event will not only enable European colleagues to work together face-to-face on their DARIAH activities, such as Working Group meetings, it will also include a series of engaging keynote lectures, to inspire the future direction of DARIAH activities. 

Additionally, we will open up the event beyond the DARIAH community by organising a Digital Arts and Humanities Lab. This interactive session will bring together researchers, technologists, data scientists and cultural heritage professionals, to demonstrate and engage with data, tools and services around the theme of Open and Public Humanities. 

Formal announcements of the event can be found on the DARIAH-BE and DARIAH-EU websites. 

We look forward to the active participation of the Ghent University colleagues in welcoming the European DARIAH community to Belgium.