21 May 2024, Turin

Full day workshop in Turin, Italy on 21st May 2024 (the day after the ParlaCLARIN IV workshop).

Holocaust Testimonies as Language Resources

Holocaust testimonies serve as a bridge between survivors and history’s darkest chapters, providing a connection to the profound experiences of the past. Testimonies stand as the primary source of information that describe the Holocaust, offering first-hand accounts and personal narratives of those who experienced it. The majority of testimonies are captured in an oral format, as survivors vividly explain and share their personal experiences and observations from that time period. Transforming Holocaust testimonies into a machine-processable digital format can be a difficult task owing to the unstructured nature of the text. The creation of accessible, comprehensive, and well-annotated Holocaust testimony collections is of paramount importance to our society. These collections empower researchers and historians to validate the accuracy of socially and historically significant information, enabling them to share critical insights and trends derived from these data. This workshop will investigate a number of ways in which techniques and tools from natural language processing and corpus linguistics can contribute to the exploration, analysis, dissemination and preservation of Holocaust testimonies.


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