Omeka S Developer Event, 20-22 Sep 2023, Ghent

The Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities and CLARIAH-VL are hosting an International Omeka S Developer Event, bringing together developers of the open-source platform between Wednesday 20 September 2023 and Friday 22 September 2023. 

At Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities and through CLARIAH-VL, we are actively investing in the development of Omeka S and integrated IIIF-functionalities, both through researcher projects and through our digital support of the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy. Over the years, we have built thorough expertise with the platform, leading to a multitude of projects (list: here). In this event, we want to bring worldwide expertise of the platform together and stimulate a more international network of developers working with the software. The event will take place in the Book Tower of Ghent, in the Henry Van de Veldezaal.

The upcoming "Omeka S Developer Event," will follow an ‘unconference model’ inspired by BarCamp principles. Think of it as an open, dynamic, and spontaneous gathering where participants collaborate through group discussions, co-working sessions, and various forms of teamwork. The goal is to collectively "create, build, write, hack, and solve problems”. Our focus is on fostering an inclusive and collaborative atmosphere. At the event, there's no hierarchy or specific speakers; everyone's input is valued equally. You won't encounter traditional one-sided presentations, papers, demos, or workshops. Instead, participants collaboratively shape the event's agenda by suggesting topics that matter to them in the weeks leading up to the event. At the beginning of the Event, we will put together an agenda based on the needs and backgrounds of everyone attending. These interactive breakout sessions are organized around specific themes and facilitated by participants themselves.

Please fill in this Form so that we can get a better idea on your background and experience working with Omeka.

Are you a developer working with Omeka S and interested in attending or hearing about this event? Send an email to and get in touch with us!

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