Sytze Van Herck

Dr. Sytze Van Herck is the project lead for Madoc and Omeka S projects at GhentCDH since 2024. She is interested in digital research methods and enjoys building bridges between users and developers, between academia and a broader audience. She specializes in translating digital processes to human-centered language and prefers learning through experimenting. 

She previously worked on linking the Dutch Civil Registry as a postdoc for CLARIAH-NL (WP4, 2022-2024). Her PhD in Digital History (C2DH, University of Luxembourg, 2022) titled Re/constructing Computing Experiences combined media archaeology, user experience design, and visual discourse analysis. Her interest in gender and technology stems from her MSc in Digital Humanities (KULeuven, 2017) with a thesis on Visualising Gender Balance. Before moving to contemporary history, she studied medieval marriage strategies in an urban context for her MA History (KULeuven, 2015).