Welcome to the GCDH website!

Ghent University’s GCDH (Ghent Center for Digital Humanities) engages in the field of ‘Digital Humanities’, bringing together infrastructure and research, ranging from archeology to linguistics and back again. It aims to be an innovative cross-faculty institution that facilitates interaction and develops research projects, teaching, and infrastructure activities.

In collaboration with the new Faculty Library of Arts and Philosophy the GCDH will organize training programs, give advice concerning technical project management, set-up hands-on workshops and organize public discussions, events and lectures.

In order to join forces in the field of Digital Humanities in Flanders, a research proposal was jointly submitted to the Hercules Foundation by the Flemish universities: DARIAH-Vlaanderen. If approved, the GCDH will operate as the (coordinating) node, situated within the new Library Lab of the Faculty Library.

The Library Lab is a seperate library department equiped to support and promote local digital research in the humanities.