KBR-ULB-UGent Digital Heritage Seminar: Historical semantics and digital methods

The KBR-ULB-UGent Digital Heritage Seminar: Digital Humanities Research 2020-2021, Part I. International Scholars is a new scholarly series on digital cultural heritage. This series is co-organized by KBR’s two labs: Camille (Center for Archives on the Media and Information) and the Digital Research Lab, in cooperation with Université libre de Bruxelles and Ghent University. In the first part of this series from October to December we will virtually host three international academic scholars in presenting their work on cultural heritage materials, digital methods and digital humanities. Dealing with a variety of topics, periods and methods, these talks will be held on ZOOM in English, with questions in French, Dutch or English. The target audience is scholars, but the general public is warmly welcome.

12 October at 15-16.30h, "Historical semantics and digital methods. The case of medieval fatherhood", Nicolas Perreaux, LaMOP - Université de Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

10 November at 15-16.30h, "Remediating the Intelligence Triangle”, Juliette De Maeyer, Université de Montréal, and Dominique Trudel, Audencia Business School

8 December at 15-16.30h, “Making more of volumes. Dissecting and searching norms in Books of Ordinances (1500-1850s)”, Annemieke Romein, KNAW Huygens ING, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Registration can be completed via: https://forms.gle/9Y7ShTTn7LMhXKja6, and is mandatory, the morning of the event you will be sent the link to the virtual series and the etiquette to follow. Should have any further questions please email julie.birkholz@kbr.be or antoine.jacquet@kbr.be.