Altai Mountains Project

The Altai Mountains project started in the middle of the 1990ies and continued on a steady basis in 2003. It focuses on the mapping and inventarization of the archaeological patrimonium (Neolithicum to present) in the Altai Mountains. The project is being implemented by the Department of Archaeology, in cooperation with the department of Geography (UGent). The central goal of this project is to make archeological maps, based on various data-sources, such as air-photographs, satellite images, GPS-data. Databases and GIS-layers are the project’s final product; based on them, landscape-archaeological studies are being implemented focusing on the perception and organization of the landscape and so on. The project thus far led to two PhD dissertations in archaeology and one in geography. 

Contact: Jean Bourgeois, Wouter Gheyle, Gertjan Plets, Ruben Van de Kerckhove