The Flemish Pottery and Stone Reference collection (FLEPOSTORE) offers an online open access platform and a physical hands-on collection of locally produced as well as imported pottery and ceramic building material from archaeological contexts and local and imported worked stone from prehistoric till pre-industrial times (ca. 5000BC-1700AD). The focus of the collection is on diagnostic reference geo-materials: clay and rock sourced from natural outcrops or quarries and ceramics from pottery production sites (e.g. kilns, waste contexts) in Flanders but also in neighbouring areas. The intended users are archaeologists, geologists, heritage professionals, students and the wider audience with interest in the topic of the database. Flepostore is a continuous work in progress and doesn't offer an exhaustive overview.

The Flepostore project is the result of a collaboration between the Departments of Archaeology and Geology from Ghent University and is funded by a Hercules Grant from the Flanders Research Foundation (FWO).