Letter from Elizabeth I, 1553, British Library

Digitising the Humanities: Lecture: Ruth Ahnert "Tudor Networks of Power", 7 November

Seeing History: Computer Vision and Humanities research

Lecture & Workshop: Seeing History. Computer Vision and Humanities research, 10 October

Resolutions of the States General

Digitising the Humanities: Lecture: Ida Nijenhuis "Resolutions of the States General", 3 October

Digitising the Humanities: Internationalisation at Home Lecture Series

Digitising the Humanities: an Internationalisation at Home (I@H) Lecture Series

Medieval Literary Canon in the Digital Age

International Conference: The Medieval Literary Canon in the Digital Age, Ghent, 17-18 September

DARIAH Beyond Europe

DARIAH Beyond Europe: an international workshop series

Women Editors in Europe

International Conference: Women Editors in Europe, Ghent, 28-29 May 2019

Roman Coin, British Museum

Workshop: Digital Tools for Ancient Historians


Blogpost: Melina Jander: 100 Years of Dystopian Novels: A Literary Computational Analysis

La Russie illustrée

Blogpost: Phaedra Claeys: On spreadsheet nightmares and database dreams